Parkside served a student this delicious raw chicken tender at lunch this week

This is what our $70,000 tuition is paying for

Earlier this week, Mariah Santora posted this picture in the USC Memes Facebook group:

Ew. The picture of the under-cooked chicken tender soon sparked over 750 likes and over a hundred comments. Some were disgusted, others were not surprised, some even called for a lawsuit:


Mariah said: “It didn’t seem any different than another tender, until I ripped it open and it was almost completely raw. My initial reaction was utter shock because it looked normal from the outside, then we all kind of laughed about it for a while.

“My friend presented the raw chicken tender to one of the chefs and he seemed quite flustered. He rushed back into the Americana section of the kitchen and from what we observed, it looked like he was telling the other chefs what happened. He made large gestures, and we assumed that he was reprimanding them, everything seemed to continue as though nothing happened.”

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The chef then told Mariah and her friend that he was sorry this happened. After this encounter, Mariah said she has not heard of anyone else who has encountered raw meat.

When asked about the issue, Parkside Kitchen Supervisor Ken was unaware. He had been off when the issue occurred, but explained what probably happened. He said that there were probably too many chicken tenders in the pan so that they overlapped and were not evenly distributed.

Since they take the entire pan out once it reaches a certain temperature and do not check each individual tender, this one must have slipped through the cracks without being thoroughly cooked. When asked how to prevent this gross situation from happening again, Ken assured me the chefs will put fewer chicken tenders on the pan so that they can all be properly cooked.

Another Parkside resident is cautious about eating at this dining hall after seeing that picture on Facebook.

Clare Chandler said: “After seeing that picture I am definitely more tentative when I’m eating at Parkside. I’ve been tending more towards the pasta and rice options.”

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