Congratulations sorority newbies

Here’s what it means to start this part of your life

Dear Sorority Gals,

I’m really new at this letter article thing, so apologies in advance. But hey, you’re all pretty new at ~srat~ life so welcome to the club.

Real life sisterhood, my friends.

Real life sisterhood, my friends.

But more importantly, welcome to your newly found home! I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re really excited to have you! Sorority life is awesome, and I’m so glad you went Greek.

Personally, going Greek was one of the best decisions I ever made. It also was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. It was hard because of the things I heard from friends back home, or family members who don’t understand what Greek life means. It was hard because I heard all these stories and stereotypes that make everyone nervous about going Greek.

RIP Recruitment 2k15

RIP Recruitment 2k15

And recruitment was one of the scariest things I’ve ever gone through, partly because the person I was a year ago definitely isn’t the person I am today. I was nervous about the whole experience, about having to talk to hundreds of people I didn’t know and explain who I was. I was shy. I still kind of am. I was scared about starting college and being on my own. I was nervous about what my future would hold. I doubted myself, if I belonged here, if I would find somewhere that felt like home. I tore myself up because that’s what happens when you go to a big university and find yourself struggling.

You don’t think you’ll find 164 friends in a sorority. You don’t think you’ll find your voice along side 15 other incredible women on a council. You don’t think you’ll find a home that feels almost better than your own. But here I am.


Like I said, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I didn’t really understand what it would mean to be in a sorority a year ago. But it means that you will constantly have people supporting you. It means you’ll never have to walk home from the library alone. It means you’ll have someone to sit on the couch with you before lunch. It means you’ll always have someone to push you in your endeavors.


Being in a sorority has given me more than I ever thought I would need. For me, it’s more than the comfort color shirts and date functions. Being in Kappa has given me people who love me for exactly who I am. It has given me strength on days I feel weak. It has given me leadership in places I never dreamed I would find it. And I now have over 100 sisters who inspire me in more ways than one. Most importantly, it has given me so many friendships that’ll I’ll cherish forever.

To new sorority girls, and to my new Kappa sisters, I hope that you find all of this and more. I hope you have found a home with people who love you for who you are. I hope you have found a place to eat lunch and watch The Bachelor. And I sincerely hope you find friends within your chapter that’ll make leaving so incredibly hard.

So with that, welcome home ladies. We’re all so excited to begin this crazy journey with you, and we hope you’re excited too.