The basic single girl’s guide to Galentine’s Day

All you single ladies put your hands up

It’s that time of year again: the time when most conversations revolve around what you’re doing – or not doing – to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

But don’t think for a second that just because you don’t have a particular romantic interest, you’re bound to spend the holiday alone. Embrace your single girl status. It really has its perks.

Don’t worry about making fancy plans just because everyone expects you to. You don’t need to think about establishing what’s going on with that guy who always wants to “Netflix and chill.” Instead, call up your number one girls and make it a weekend to remember.

Just want to go the low-key route? Do it. There’s no better companion than your best friend for doing absolutely nothing.

Indulge in the chocolate

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that gives a girl an insatiable sweet tooth, and there’s no reason not to give in. Pick up some sweet treats at Sugarland or Insomnia, or swing by and grab a to-go cup at YOPO. No one to impress today, ladies. Go all in. Your best friend won’t let you not, anyways.



Kick off your campus walking shoes and trade them for your favorite pair of fuzzy socks. Throw on a comfy t-shirt and baggy sweatpants. Take off every ounce of makeup you have on and rock that messy bun. The pressure’s totally off, and every girl knows nothing feels better.

Face masks galore

Good thing it’s “no guys allowed” because you’d probably scare them away.

Just hang

Do what girls do best: talk. Catch up on your busy lives. If you have pent up energy, jam out to your favorite Spotify playlist, or if you’re in the feels, shamelessly ugly-cry to a corny chick flick and have a snuggle sesh (the better version of “Netflix and chill”).

If you want to crank it up a notch and have a night out, go for it. Break out those edgy outfits and bold lipsticks you’ve always wanted to try.  Look and feel your best, not for a guy, but for the sole purpose of wanting to.

Dinner date

Explore the restaurants on Franklin Street and in Carrboro you’ve always wanted to try together. There are so many delicious places in the area to check out. And once you’ve finally picked one, please – order what you really want. No one cares if you bloat.

Movie date

Go catch a trending film at the Varsity Theatre. And don’t skimp on the popcorn. It’s really cheap and it’s reeeally good.

Wine night

Wine night with your gal pals is always a prime option – it’s never not a super fun, memorable time. Relish the atmosphere and your favorite glass of pinot at TOPO or Tru. Reminisce on the crazy moments that made you so close. Get giggly and tease each other about your past relationships and embarrassing hookups (because goodness knows we all have those).

Be spontaneous


Cue “22” by Taylor Swift – as long as you’re together, anything goes. You’re all just along for the ride. And remember: the wing woman radar is always on. You have a more-than-willing partner right by your side to help you out with that guy you’ve had your eye on all night – especially on Valentine’s. And she is 110% prepared to abandon you at any moment she deems necessary.

I’m thrilled for everyone who’s looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s this year. Truly. But as for me – personally, I’m stoked for my Galentine’s.