Every type of final you’ll be given at UMiami

You’re probably screwed either way…

In the midst of finals week, it’s important to know what might be waiting for you on the other side of the battlefield. No matter the test, you’ll still beg your teacher to round you up from a 67% to a B at the end of the semester.

Here are the four kinds of final exams found at the University of Miami:

“What in the hell is this?”

The type of exam that makes you bite your nails. The kind that after seeing just the first question, you begin to question your very existence. It’s nothing you’ve ever even seen before (though you can probably take partial blame for all the times you skipped the lecture.) You studied economics, and they’re asking you about vegetation in Zimbabwe. We’ve all been there. Nonetheless, cross your fingers and pray, this is only your first final of the week…

“Take-home online”

When your professor tells you you’re having one of these as your final, you get the same feeling as when you first met Mickey Mouse as a child. You begin to tell yourself you now have one less final to study for, and start dancing on one leg. Now the important question, who’s gonna help me take this thing?

“Ehh, that wasn’t too terrible”

This is the type that you won’t lose much sleep over once you take it, because you kind of expected what came up. But, you got drunk the night before so you still find it somewhat difficult, and this one really is your fault because the test is no different than the ones you’ve been taking all semester in the same class. Should have went to sleep before the “thirst” kicked in the previous night.

“Good ol’ PowerPoint presentation”

It’s everything you’ve ever dreamt of, and then some. Your roommate is bleeding from his eyeballs because he’s slept at the library for the past two nights, and here you are, being assessed a “final” grade based on a couple of slides containing pictures and bullet points. Do we even refer to this one as an exam? Prof, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Feature Image: UMiami Libraries 

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