‘It is what it is’: The best and worst reviews of UMiami

‘The campus is a resort, and South Beach is your playground’

Ah, yes, the beauty of going to a school in the heart of tropical South Florida. Parties, beaches, and colorful birds. UM students don’t even have homework. Really, though, the things some people say about our school are ridiculous.

Case in point: the following reviews from Niche, where UM scored an A+ in Academics, Diversity, Location, Parties, and Athletics and a C/C- in Campus Food and Housing (not surprised).

Starting with some positivity

Me too, guys. Me too.

Pointless money spending

Well, this is disheartening.

Apparently we’re in the middle of the city

Stay safe out there, kids.

Hitting us while we’re down, college sophomore

Our greek life is out of control

Come on, guys. Control yourselves.

We’re treated like rats

You don’t like what? The school? The rats? I think the sun is getting to you.

I’m not really sure how to take this

This is a big claim to make. Very philosophical, college senior.

And it’s a drug free-for-all

Meanwhile, on Yelp…

At least Yelp loves us. And we love ourselves. Mostly. I now feel obligated to review us on Niche. Who does that, anyway?

University of Miami