Meet ‘South Beach Sansa’ the crying ‘Canes fan who became a meme

She was on camera crying two games in a row

You may have recently heard of Mackenzie Mayhew, a Junior at UMiami rising to fame after ESPN showed her crying on TV two weeks in a row. She even made it to SportsCenter’s Instagram page yesterday.

We¬†spoke to her about how she’s taking all the love from social media: she’s been a good sport for someone who became a meme overnight.

Sad fans of college football Week 7 edition.

A video posted by SportsCenter (@sportscenter) on Oct 15, 2016 at 9:54pm PDT

On October 8th, the Hurricanes suffered a very unfortunate loss to FSU, our biggest rival. When the extra point kick was blocked, the mood in the stadium turned immediately somber. Mayhew’s tears represented what all of us were feeling.

A week later, on October 15th, the Hurricanes lost again after Kaaya fumbled the ball in the final minute and a half. Again, the camera found the disappointed Mayhew. Why was she so upset? What was so heart wrenching that she just couldn’t hold her tears back?

I was just shocked that we missed the extra point and then the UNC game I was just upset after the fumble because I was pretty sure the game was over then,” she told The Tab.

Social media has taken to calling her “South Beach Sansa” because of her resemblance to the character from Game of Thrones (try the volume on the Vine above.)

She said, “I saw the South Beach Sansa name and article after the UNC game. I just think it’s hilarious, props to whoever came up with that name!” She’s not wrong,¬†kudos to whoever came up with that.

It turns out that it’s not the first time she’s been the focus of the cameras. “So last season I was on TV at every home game, just never to this extent!”

It helps that she generally sits in the first five rows of the student section, and now that she has a following, I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of her.

For the sake of her well-being and ours, please get your shit together, ‘Canes football.

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