UMiami is the best school in Florida once again

Big up President Frenk

U.S. News released their annual ranking of national universities and it is now the highest ranked school in the state of Florida. The U is number 44, up from 51 last year, above UF (50), UCF (176), and FSU (92).

Schools are ranked on a number of criteria, including the SAT/ACT scores,¬†class ranks, and GPAs of incoming students (good work, guys), percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students – UM’s is 54.4%, and graduation, and retention rates, a high 92%.

Just one day on campus would be enough for any outsider to see how much the students love their school.

UM shares its rank with great company: Lehigh, UC-Davis, UC-San Diego, University of Illinois-Urbana&Champaign, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

From 2001 to 2011, UM rose 29 spots to number 38 which is reflective of increased standardized test scores, graduation rates (from 60% to 82%), and decreased acceptance rates (now 38%).

These things can be largely accredited to Shalala’s effective changes as president (2001-2015). For the first time, UM was the #1 school in Florida.

And after a few years, we’ve reached that status again. Under President Frenk and with the current impressive student body, hopefully that rank will continue to climb in the next few years.

University of Miami