No, Bill Cosby does NOT supply the Halloween lobster bake

Eat your heart out ’cause your meal wasn’t purchased by a rapist

That's right, it's October 31st: the holiday all UMass students look forward to. Why, you ask? 'Cause every Halloween, the university hosts an "All Treats No Tricks" dinner that's famous for its lobster and steak buffet.

UMass students traditionally arrive in costumes and enjoy fortune telling, pumpkin painting, make-your-own caramel apples, and boogie to a spooky DJ, all-the-while enjoying a delicious lobster or steak dinner!

So, who started the long standing lobster tradition? Legend has it that credit goes to UMass alum Bill Cosby. The Tab investigates the theory.

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Executive Director of Auxiliary Enterprises Ken Toong told the Daily Collegian himself that Cosby has nothing to do with the lobster bake. Toong said UMass teamed up with local fishermen in Maine to provide the school with 13 to 15 thousand lobsters. Unless Cosby was an undercover Maine fisherman 16 years ago, he has zero connection to UMass' lobster bake.

To set the record straight, it's not Bill-the-rapist-Cosby who supplies the annual buffet.

I mean, get real. This is Massachusetts' flagship campus, one of the most liberal schools in the nation; for people even to think for a second that they would serve Cosby’s lobster and meat is absurd!

So, there you have it. UMass still holds true to its liberal persona and does NOT serve Cosby lobster. So, go ahead, eat your heart out while knowing with full faith that it has not been purchased by a rapist.

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