Meet the Worcester Dank-Jazz Dining Quartet

Nothing better than dank music and Sunday breakfast

Enjoy live music? Enjoy a combination of food and music? In need of something to get you out of bed in the morning? If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re in luck.

Every Sunday, from 11am-1pm at Worcester dining common, a group of talented musicians known as the Worcester Dank-Jazz Dining Quartet grace us with their presence.

The group is lead by Eric Smith on trumpet, with Charles Vadala on keys, Bob Sommer on drums, and Luis Granda on bass.


Talking to Charles, he broke down the group: “We play a range of music from jazz to funk, to the occasional rock ballad. A lot of what we do is improvisational, where we play the main part of the song as written, and then improvise from there.

“We do a lot of listening and playing off of one another so it’s kind of like a conversation.”


I highly recommend you stop and listen to a few songs, even if you live far away – like in Southwest. Take the voyage over at least once to hear some dank music.

Charles has also provided his Soundcloud if anyone wants to hear music from the comfort of their computers or phones in the event they can’t make it.

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