BREAKING: UMass professors don’t give a shit about your ‘Radical Watchlist’

Sut Jhally’ ‘hopes what he teaches is radical’

Last week, Professor emeritus (a retired professor) of economics Richard D. Wolff, and active professor of communications Sut Jhally were added to professor watchlist, a website that “exposes and documents college professors that discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.”

This week, Professor Sut Jhally spoke out about it. Jhally told the Amherst Wire, “This really stupid thing that has nothing substantive behind it has gotten so much press.”

“Is what I teach in class radical?” he continued, “I hope so. My aim is to get people to think about issues they haven’t thought about before and disrupt how they think.”

At a school as liberal as UMass, it’s no surprise that we have begun to see some of our beloved professors on the list. But for teachers who aren’t tenured, as Jhally points out, something as silly as this could ruin a lot for a person.

Schools, such as RIT, have sent out emails to professors, urging them to nominate themselves for the list as a means of protecting professors who have already been nominated.

Perhaps we will be the next to join the noble cause. Besides, we love ‘radical’ UMass.

UMass Amherst