Cops ask for parties to be registered in request literally nobody will follow

In return, ‘will receive info about responsible partying’

Amherst police have launched a new Party Smart program to encourage UMass students to register off-campus parties in an attempt to keep miscommunication at a minimum.

Instead of responding immediately to noise complaints, the police will call your house to warn you, before shutting down the party. (Which they will then probably do anyway.)

This program does not include week-day parties, but as far as weekend parties are concerned, as long as they are registered by 4pm on the Thursday before, then you apparently won’t get in trouble.

Any guesses where the football and beer can are gonna fall?

Still not sure how comfortable we should feel handing a police officer our phone number, address, and time of party. As good as the intentions may be, having a preregistered party could definitely backfire if it gets even remotely out of control.

“Just so you know, I am throwing an absolute banger on Sunset this Saturday at 10pm. Should be lit.”

Amherst Police, however, are quoted saying that they really hope this can cut down on citations given out, and overall cut back on “unnecessary” visits from UMass or Amherst police for relatively small parties that are just a little too loud, which The Tab UMass knows about all too well!

UMass students will just have to see how this new initiative works out once the new semester rolls in this fall, maybe it’ll benefit us students, or maybe it’ll cause even more problems with parties being shut down and apartment owners being cited – only time will tell!

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