It’s official: Amherst is the best of all the UMass campuses

Other UMass students confirm

UMass Amherst may be the flagship campus, but there are three other campuses that make up UMass: Dartmouth, Boston and Lowell.

What do students at these other campuses think about us? Are they jealous of Amherst? Do they hate us? I interviewed four students across all three other campuses to get their opinion on Amherst.

Meet the voices of UMass

From UMass Dartmouth

  • Mackenzie Parker, sophmore Biology Major
  • Chris Maynard, freshman Finance Major

From UMass Lowell

  • Cristy Arias Peña, senior Psychology Major

From UMass Boston

  • Lindsay Borges, freshman Biology Major with a Pre-Med Track

Lindsay and I killing it freshman year of high school. Me pictured to the left, Lindsay pictured right


Known for its prison like atmosphere, but definitely not given enough credit. We stand with you Dartmouth.

What kind of stereotype or student do you think of when you hear UMass Amherst?

Mackenzie: “Smart, but like to party.”

Chris: “Parties.”

Academics wise, what do you think of UMass Amherst?

Mackenzie: “I know it’s a harder school to get into.”

Chris: “It’s a great school with a great business program.”

Do you think any students at your campus are jealous of UMass students since its the “flagship campus” or if they don’t like them?

Mackenzine: “I know UMD kids talk about how UMass is more fun – I don’t think they don’t like them though.”

Chris: “Maybe some but I see a lot of kids wearing UMass Amherst clothing, so that gives me the assumption that they’d like to transfer there. Including myself I’m looking to transfer there.”

If given the opportunity would you attend UMass Amherst? Why or why not?

Mackenzie: “I looked at UMass originally and would of gotten in too. I wish I went there because it’s bigger and more fun but it is what it is. I still like UMD despite its bad rep.”

Chris: “Haha yes 100% I would.”

Verdict: No hate from Dartmouth. Mad respect.

See they still know how to party.


Great campus on the water, but lacks housing. No hate though, because it’s Boston…everyone loves Boston.

What’s the stereotype?

Lindsay: “When I think of UMass Amherst I basically immediately think of “Zoomass” because it’s seen as such a party school.”

As for academics?

“It’s so weird because even though everyone thinks of UMass Amherst as a huge party school, it was also a lot of people’s ‘reach’ school while they were applying to colleges because some of the programs are so hard to get into.”


“I’ve never really heard of anyone being jealous or disliking students who go to UMass Amherst. I feel like for the most part, we all see each other as UMass students so there aren’t competitive feelings towards other UMass schools.”

Would you go here?

“If given the choice, I would probably decide to see what UMass Amherst is like for a semester or two. I think it would be a rewarding experience to study at a school other than mine and make other connections!”

Verdict: We could never hate Boston, so Boston could never hate us.

How can you hate that ocean view?


Sadly in a place like Lowell, but I can’t complain (I almost went here).

What’s the stereotype?

Cristy: “Well the stereotype for me that comes to mind is a partier, who’s careless and just wants to drink and go out all the time, someone who does not care about their academics at all.” -Cristy


“I hear UMass Amherst has a great academic system but I haven’t looked into it that much.”


“Yes, I do think some students are jealous of UMass Amherst students/might not like them because people are always talking about Amherst. But I feel like we don’t hear much about the other UMass’s which can make students upset at times because we’re all part of the UMass system at the end of the day.”

Would you go here?

“I would because I know the school overall has many amazing educational opportunities from what I’ve heard from past alumni.”

Verdict: We know we have beef, it’s OK…that isn’t going to change.

Typical Yik Yak hate.

Basically, everyone knows we like to party. That isn’t a surprise to anyone. What’s pretty great is that they acknowledge we can party, yet maintain our grades.

No one really hates us, but Lowell. That works both ways, just check out Yik Yak on any given day and you can see the beef between the two. In the end everyone wants to be us.

So are we over-rated or are we just that great?

Don’t hate us cause we’re beautiful

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