The best of ‘Assert Your Dominance’

Asserting still counts, even if it’s anonymous

Two adjectives that can be scarce when describing college kids are assertiveness and dominance, so naturally we all turn to anonymous social media outlets like YikYak to try to be such things.

Over the past few weeks, the meme “assert your dominance” has taken over YikYak, and here are my personal favs, just for your very own entertainment:

Not if you’ve been drinking, though.

Thats right. Show her how it feels.

They take care of you, now you take care of them.

Because that’ll work perfectly.

Make it known who is (or isn’t) wearing the pants in the relationship.

Memes, however, come and go faster than a one night stand, and Assert Your Dominance seems to be coming to a close.

So we carry on without it, hoping that we can remember to be assertive and dominant without the help of our handy-dandy one line pep talks.

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