Joe Biden visits campus on Election Day

TFW you’re casually drinking coffee in Brew Haha and Biden walks in

Happy Election Day — also known as a day off from class so we can adorn ourselves with “I Voted” stickers on our t-shirts. In an interesting twist on the day, Vice President Joe Biden decided to visit UD which he attended for undergrad as a double major in Political Science and History.

Proud to be a Blue Hen

Biden graduated from UD in 1965. Like many alumni, attending the University of Delaware had a lasting impact on his life and career choice and he never forgot where he came from, even speaking at commencement addresses over the years. After voting in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden decided to make a visit to the place that has always been so near and dear to him — our campus.


Morning coffee

Upon arriving on Main Street, Joe decided to stop at Brew Haha with his family to talk to students for a little while and take pictures.  Secret Service agents began appearing and then Biden himself walked in to get a coffee and a bagel with his granddaughters. He was very open to taking selfies and talking to the mob of students. Once he finished eating, he went exited going towards Main Street in the open entrance area.


So much pride

Everyone began following Biden out of Brew Haha and into the open area by the stairs. The flood of cameras and smiling faces was overwhelming with how much we love UD and are proud to be Blue Hens. There even was a group picture taken. Biden encouraged everyone to come back and visit UD after they graduate. Once he left, began cheering and chanting “Joe! Joe! Joe!”


The Green

Is a visit to UD really complete without a stop at the Green? It got a lot of passing students’ attention who spread the word. Soon, tons of students were on the hunt for a glimpse of Joe. It’s crazy but awesome to think that the Vice President of the United States went to the same college we do — and he has the same Blue Hen pride.

Vote, vote, vote

As it is election day, it was great and so sweet of Joe Biden to make a surprise visit. Not only did it bring the small town feel to Newark and to the school, but it was an encouragement for every student to vote. We’re the voices of the future so we should be heard.


Blue Hens Forever

I’m sure this was not Joe Biden’s last visit to UD. Though I genuinely wish that I could have seen him in person, it’s amazing how much Blue Hen pride there is and that so many alumni still come back to visit. All of that is a testament to how great UD is of a place and a school, and I honestly can say that I’m so lucky to be going here for college.

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