Meet the bros behind UCSB’s newest startup app

‘Just a couple college kids solving our own problem’

Do you ever sit there on a Friday night wondering what to do with yourself? Which parties are popping off? Where a club you are interested in is holding an event? Or even just who and where you can play some die on a beautiful sun-kissed day in IV?

We all ask ourselves these questions, but the time has come for all of those questions to be answered.


It all started when Tyler and Noah were having a conversation over a few beers. The Co-CEOs brought up a great point; college students, including themselves, are sick of constantly asking “What is going on right now?”

Sure, anybody could come up with ideas to solve the social media gap, but no one understands college students like college students.

“BOOM has been our most exciting and passionate endeavor thus far. After recognizing this major problem of not knowing what’s going on around campus in real-time, it was only natural to found a company dedicated to providing the solution. This past year has been a grind and we couldn’t be more excited to launch at UCSB, a true hub of college life, in the coming month.” said Noah.
After the initial idea take off, the pair received funding by winning Gettysburg College’s Entrepreneurial Fellowship and established a team which includes a group of accomplished mentors and a partnership with a Venice-base accelerator.
Though these accomplishments are amazing, Tyler and Noah are now ready to put the app in action and help students around the U.S. be more connected.

In simple terms, BOOM has created an inside view into nearby events for a specific area/college, making it easier than ever to choose when and where to go.


BOOM has finally created a social media platform that ties in the:

  1. What? Your photos and videos.
  2. When? The real-time features of ‘What is going on right now?’
  3. Where? What event, who is holding it, and most importantly, how to get there.

When the user first logs onto the app, one sees a friendly scroll down page of events people are at/doing right now. An event could be a party, a club event, going to the gym, or even just grabbing some pizza at Blaze with a few friends.

After the initial event is created you can cruise over, check it out, and post pictures off that same event. With the location based app, it will pick up that you are at 65 DP and all of your photos and videos automatically will post to the crazy house party your neighbors are throwing that night.

While many people in IV love to party with everybody, some enjoy their privacy. So not to worry. You can have only specific friends see what you are BOOMing, and each college is geofenced; you never have to worry about outsiders seeing what you and your classmates are posting about your daily adventures.


“BOOM solves a problem by enabling individuals to share experiences of nearby events with their local community. College kids are given inside access to the events that matter through real-time photo and video. Share the video of your buddy on the dance floor. Decide which address to go to. Find out if the gym is packed. All on BOOM.” Tyler Peterson


“BOOM is the app that has the power to connected college students with what’s going on around them! It’s all that social media should be!”
-Tyler Zink (Campus Manager & Beta User) UCSB ’17
“BOOM allows college kids to share photo and video of interesting happenings around campus. We’re creating a more unified college community by providing an inside view to events, allowing people to decide whether to attend an event or not.”
-Hernan Duran (Campus Manager & Beta User) UCSB ’18
“BOOM is an interactive app that lets you, as a college kid, easily discover all that is happening around campus, while helping you form connections with other students.”
-Jenny Tran (Campus Manager & Beta User) UCSB ’18
As BOOM is just getting started, Tyler and Noah are looking for people to get involved! If you are interested in being a campus manager, giving some feedback on the app, or even just getting in-touch with Tyler himself, then here are some great links for you.
Tyler Peterson: [email protected]
UC Santa Barbara