Faculty lounge sets off fire alarm at UConn Stamford

Stamford – Local firefighters respond to fire alarm caused by overheated food in a faculty lounge at UConn.

At 4:51, fire alarms echoed through the halls and concourse of UConn Stamford; students were ushered out of the classroom and told to exit the building.

Firefighters arrived within minutes of the alarm and quickly assessed the situation. Their findings?┬áSomeone “had overheated food in the faculty lounge on the upper floors.” No injuries have been reported.

Students and firefighters waiting for further instruction.

Students were unaware of the severity of the situation until after the firefighters had arrived. Andre Vilarinho, 20, said “everyone was looking to see what everyone else was doing,” speaking in regard to the unknown protocol for fire alarms.

As the fire alarms blared, students and faculty took to social media to document the ordeal. Here are some reactions.

Student commenting on the severity of the situation through Snapchat.

As of 5:10, an email from the Associate Campus Director, Terry Reilly, confirmed the safety of the building and resumed all classes for the night.

This story is still developing, stay tuned for updates.

University of Connecticut