When to end a friendship with a guy

While you’re working on your contour, he can go work on his attitude

Guy friends are great. They’re fun, hilarious, low-drama and they’re your insider into guy world. Having guy friends can be enriching but sometimes they aren’t so good for us. Just like girl friends, every now and then you’ve got to make the tough decision to end a friendship.

These are the signs that the guy you are friends with might be better off as that guy you were friends with:

When he constantly disregards your feelings and claims he was ‘just joking’ when you’re upset

Nothing is more annoying than when someone tells you you’re wrong for feeling a certain way. If he’s picking on you for being upset with him or something he said, he’s not a real friend. Your feelings are valid, no matter how much he was “just joking.”

Perfect winged eyeliner and a perfect best friend

When he knows that you love something and then makes a point to remind you of how dumb that thing is

If he thinks your makeup obsession is stupid, that’s fine, he can have his own opinions, but if he constantly reminds you of how “dumb” it is and degrades you for it, he’s being a jerk. While you’re working on your contour, he can go work on his attitude.


When he constantly puts down other women  

Big red flag here. If he’s making fun of other women for wearing a lot of makeup, being blonde, having an active sex life, etc. then he’s probably bad news.

No one supports you the way guy friends do

When he complains that you put him in the friend zone

Ughh. Let’s be clear, you didn’t put him in the friend zone; he did. This is just a less flat-out chauvinistic way of saying, “I feel that I deserve you and you’re not letting me have you.” You wanted a friendship and he knows that. If he can’t accept that — there’s the door.

They know when it’s time to slay

When he makes comments about your appearance

Does being around him make you feel insecure about yourself? Does he constantly make comments about how you look? If you decide not to wear makeup one day, is he there to tell you how bad you look? That’s not a friend — that’s a man who thinks he’s entitled to your appearance.

Legend has it mermaids come to land in search of quality guy friends

When he gets mad at you for having already made plans when he asks you to hang out last minute

If he lives in another state and likes to not tell you when he comes to visit, but then gets mad when you’ve already made plans, that’s unfair. If he calls you up last minute and you’ve already made plans, and he berates you for basically having another life besides him, he’s not worth giving attention to. Besides, if he’s hitting you up last minute, it means he didn’t have the decency to ask you earlier.

Guy friends are always selfie ready

When he constantly points out your flaws

Are you on the shy-side? Do you snort when you laugh? We all have things we are insecure about and our friends know what those things are. Good friends won’t berate you for those things. Say you are a shy person and your guy friend makes a point of telling you how awkward you are and laughs at you for it. That’s not OK. If being around him makes you feel worse about yourself, then dump him.

Not even a phone call can stop the friendship

He puts you down in front of your other friends

If he feels the need to inform your friends of how flawed he thinks you are, or is trying to make you look bad, don’t be friends with him.

They wild

He’s passive aggressive and can’t be honest with you

If he ignores you when he’s mad at you and then suddenly appears again a week later and denies ever being mad, get that boy out of your life. Life is too short to deal with passive aggressive people.

When he tells you all about the people he’s been with/ is interested in, but shames you about yours

He tells you all about that girl he likes or about that girl he slept with, but as soon as you share your experiences, he doesn’t want to know about it. He may even go as far as to slut-shame you. A guy with this kind of view of women and their sexuality is not someone you should be around.

They aren’t afraid of a little glitter

He tells racist or sexist jokes

This one is a given. If he doesn’t respect people of other races or genders, he probably doesn’t respect you. That goes double if he makes rape jokes. Boy, bye.

What’s better than one guy friend? Three guy friends

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