In loving memory of Sean Sullivan: UConn freshman, musician and friend

Sean had just started his freshman year at UConn

UConn student Sean Sullivan passed away in his dorm room late Monday morning, according to police. Sean was a freshman economics major attending the UConn Storrs campus.

A Norwalk, CT native, Sean had just started his journey at UConn this fall. Before attending UConn, he spent his high school years playing trumpet in the band at Norwalk High School, and was an active member of the youth group of St. Jerome church in Norwalk.


Sean Sullivan / Facebook

Sean will always be remembered for his wit and musical talent. Many have talked about how he was not only incredibly smart, but incredibly caring to his friends and family. When he wasn’t playing in the band or in class, he was organizing pick up frisbee games with classmates in every grade.

“We basically grew up together.” said Sarah Hooper, a close friend of Sean’s. “It was always fun to go over with my sister, Emma, while she played with Lucie [Sean’s younger sister].” Hooper added that she was proud to watch Sean grow up to be such a strong and smart young man.

Sean had a big brain and an even bigger heart, something fellow bandmate William Hessert remembered fondly. “We were in marching band together back in high school and became very close. I gave him a ride home one day and we talked for almost two hours about how we could make the world a better place. He had a big brain and an even bigger heart. He saw how to make the world a better place. And the only way he can continue to live is if we go make that world. I miss my friend.”


Sean Sullivan / Facebook

Glenn Couture, a former teacher of Sean’s added, “Sean had a great wit, intellect and sense of humor. He was always willing to dig a little deeper into the profound, questioned the world around us, and made me laugh while doing it.”

Christopher Denke, another fellow bandmate will never forget his favorite thing about Sean. “He would always organize a pickup frisbee game at Norwalk High. He could always find people to play and get a great game going. The funny thing is, he was pretty bad at playing frisbee. It was hilarious because he was great at organizing the match but when it came down to throwing or catching the disk, it wasn’t his strong suit. Although he wasn’t the greatest at the game, he was my favorite person to be playing with. He could always made us laugh, and was the best at making all of our days better simply because he was there. I loved playing with him, not because of his athletic skills, but because of his amazingly vibrant personality. He was a fun dude.”


Sean Sullivan / Facebook

Funeral arrangements have yet to be determined. The university is offering condolences to Sean’s friends and family, and is telling anyone who wishes to speak to someone to visit Counseling and Mental Health Services.

Rest in Peace, Sean. You may be gone, but you will certainly never be forgotten.

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