The UConn Memes Facebook page is a treasure trove of artistic beauty

One does not simply put text on a photo

The 16th Century had the Renaissance. The 19th Century had the Impressionist period. When looking back on art’s history one is forced to ask, what great art movement will the 21st Century contribute to the artistic world?

Our great contribution to artistic beauty will undoubtedly be the meme, or the memay if you ask Bryce Harper. One look on Reddit and it is clear to even the most casual art appreciator that memes are the most popular and celebrated artistic trend of our time.

UConn has offered its own contribution to this art form, with the long inactive UConn Memes Facebook page. In this article I will resurrect some of these lost treasures and seek to uncover the beauty within.


Here we see one of nature’s most delicate creatures, the penguin, daring us, the viewer, to confront our own awkwardness. While the text brings to mind an awkward situation many of us have found ourselves in, the delicate coolness of the blue background soothes in our moment of discomfort. “Hey, don’t worry,” it seems to say, “We’ve all been there. It’ll be fine.” Truly magnificent.


What strikes one about this meme is its daring minimalism. UConn, it tells us, is all that matters. Yes there is text describing a relatable situation, but at the heart of this is Jonathan, symbol of UConn and of school pride. This meme has a sense of humor, but urges us to reflect on the beautiful school we are lucky enough to call home. A stunning and bold artistic statement.


This meme features an image of Fry from the television cartoon Futurama. In the show Fry is taken from his native 20th century and brought to the 31st century. Certainly all of us in college have felt like Fry at some point or another. Leaving our comfortable lives in high school, we begin college like strangers in a strange land. This meme speaks to the universal confusion and fear that all college students go through. “We are not so different,” it dares to say. “We are all connected by shared experience.” If more artists were to explore such messages, this world might be a better place. Simply beautiful.


This meme, featuring a celebrating baby, truly touches on something universal. Even in our triumphs, we are all still children. None of us really know what direction we are headed in. We are nothing but infants, perplexed and amazed by the infinite beauty of existence. This… this is art.

University of Connecticut