‘UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens’ is clearly better than USC’s meme page

A classic example of UCLA’s superiority

Since the birth of ‘UCLA Memes for Sick AF Tweens’, USC’s own meme page has been trying to outshine UCLA.  Despite their best efforts, ‘USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens’ has fallen short (as if this weren’t expected). To put it simply in case any of our cross-town rivals are having this read to them, the content on USC’s meme page is pretty basic, lacking the Salt Bae-esque zest UCLA’s meme page has to offer.

Let’s compare.

We’re more original

Posted by Arnav Chaudhary, UCLA

This is the ‘creme de la creme’ when it comes to memes: original, well thought out, intelligent, appeals to a higher audience.

Posted by Emily Henry, USC

Really…did you make this on GroupMe?

We’re trendsetters

Posted by Victor Mendoza, UCLA

This iconic meme set a revolutionary trend of using porn stills to create fresh, never before seen memes.

Posted by Sophie Heukensfeldt Jansen, USC

Sadly, USC is stuck in the past: these typical tropes are much too tired to appeal to true meme aficionados.

We’re more relatable

Posted by Johnny Yang, UCLA

Relatable, yet thought provoking – the epitome of respectable memes.

Posted by Nicholas Charles Gray, USC

Only relatable to Spoiled Pre-Teens.  I mean, why would you care about anything other than memes when you have everything readily provided for you?

We’re more heartfelt

Posted by Melissa Folkerts, UCLA

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Bruins offer the perfect mushy message for your V-Day Bae.

Posted by Shawn Anderson, USC

The Trojans, on the other hand, can’t even keep their mascot in tact. Three words: Shaking. My. Head.

Our insults are more well thought out

Posted by Eric Qu, UCLA

This clever blow is a work of genius. Only the most cultured would invent and understand a meme such as this.

Posted by Fio Karpenko, USC

USC claims to have “comedic genius,” but this lame excuse for an insult can’t even get the well known “XD” or “xp” emojis correct.

While USC’s Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens is clearly an abomination compared to UCLA’s Memes for Sick AF Tweens, at least they gave it a shot. Noble effort, Trojans.