UCLA officially serves the best college food in America

Just another reason to love B-plate

UCLA has now been ranked the number one school for on-campus food in the nation.

On the initial ranking list by Niche.com, UCLA outranked Virginia Tech, Washington University in St. Louis, and the Culinary Institute of America, which came up as second, third, and fourth respectively. It was also one of the lone West coast schools to make the top ten list, the only other being California Baptist University.

Factors that Niche taken into consideration for the ranking were student opinions through surveys and the average meal plan cost. Statistics were also taken from the U.S Department of Education in order to have the most up to date data.

Bruins already knew that UCLA had the best food, but now it’s been verified.  I mean when you have a school serving healthy options like bison sliders or guilty pleasures like pulled-pork pizza then there’s no need to rely on the stereotypical topped ramen as a staple college student food.

Just another reason B-Plate is the best thing about going to UCLA.

If schools want to nourish some of the nation’s top students then it is only reasonable that they should have some of the best food in the country, and that’s what UCLA does. It takes care of its students.

No wonder it’s been considered one of the best overall schools in the country and worldwide.


Don’t forget that there’s the Bruinlife app, which has all of the dining hall menus and time schedules.

It also has the same information for UCLA’s quick service restaurants such as rendezvous, B-cafe and cafe 1919.img_2636