Last minute Halloween costumes for Berkeley students


Somehow Halloween has crept up again. Most students (unless you’re a sorority girl who’s been planning a group outfit since last Halloween) have been drowning in midterms and didn’t even notice that it was October until now.

Here are 10 last minute costumes for the desperate UC Berkeley student.

1. Milo Yiannopolous

Love being the center of attention? Cause a riot at your next party with the “Milo Yiannopolous” costume. Complete with a blonde wig and questionable neck accessories, you’re sure to cause a stir and hopefully promote your new book.

2. Sexy Antifa

If your boyfriend is already going as Milo, a cute couples costume would be — Sexy Antifa. A hoodie, bandana, sunglasses, and a fiery passion for justice, sexy Antifa will be an explosive success at the Halloween party.

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3. The guy on Sproul who wears trash

For the conspiracy lovers on a budget. This costume can be put together pretty quickly and at minimal cost. Go to your local dumpster and glue some trash on yourself, fashion a tin foil hat, and a pair of plastic sunglasses. Bonus: This costume comes with some sick dance moves.

4. An athlete

This can be a great group costume since athletes often travel in packs. All you need for this costume is one of those Gatorade squirt bottles, an athlete backpack, and a scooter. You probably won't get into many frat parties without any bids, but somehow you'll find your group grow in number throughout the night as athletes mistake you as one of their kind.

5. Hell Yeah Guy

Everyone loves Hell Yeah Guy. All you need is a fake beard and a blue/gold striped shirt. But for this costume you must commit to the character and yell "HELL YEAH" every two minutes.

6. Naruto

There have been so many Naruto themed events on campus (Naruto run on memorial glade, etc..) It would only make sense to dress up as a teenage ninja with yellow hair and 'Naruto run' everywhere you go. Bonus: Make this a couple costume with a Sasuke and yell each other's names back and forth.

7. Your last midterm

Want to go as something really scary? Go as your last midterm.

8. Oski

Not only is Oski already creepy as hell, his costume was reported missing after the USC game. Perhaps you can find the missing costume and be an authentic Oski. Or DIY with a paper mask and just follow people around quietly while hunched over and hands clasped behind your back.

9. Crossroads Late Night

If you don't have any bids/too young to get into a bar, this costume is for you! Bring back Late Night for one night only, and carry around a bunch of junk food for the hungry drunks wandering aimlessly. Everyone loved and misses late night so you're sure to be welcomed into any party.

10. Daddy DeNero

Daddy DeNero is the spooky savior. With CS61A moving into Scheme around this time, anyone who's taken the class will recognize him from the webcasts they've watched instead of attending lectures. He is a classic icon, and can be easily put together with slightly disheveled brown hair and a button up shirt.

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