Berkeley College Republicans President Troy Worden ‘impeached’ for booking Ben Shapiro

‘Any claims he makes to my being impeached are false entirely. There’s no grain of truth in it’

This morning, news broke of secretary Bradley Devlin impeaching the president of Berkeley College Republicans, Troy Worden.

Devlin reportedly called for a vote during Thursday's meeting without notifying other members. The reasoning behind this change is due to the recent Ben Shapiro appearance on campus. Famous for his phrase "the free speech movement is dead" following the Milo riot, members of BCR believed he did not embody "actual Republican ideals" and hope for a less alt-right leader.

Since this was not announced or shared, many members were not in attendance and were shocked to hear this news. Many who voted were pledges from Devlin's fraternity Alpha Omega, with no affiliation to BCR.

Worden told The Daily Californian: “Essentially, he brought in a large group of people who, because they signed papers, claimed that they could vote in the election … and then declared the results that I was impeached.

“We will not allow the ego of one individual board member to distract the club from its overarching goals of supporting the Republican Party and supporting the Free Speech Movement.”

Worden, infuriated, still claims he is the president and that this news will only cause conflict and confusion within the group and on campus.

He told The Daily Californian: “I absolutely dispute it, and actual BCR members dispute it. Any claims he makes to my being impeached (are) false entirely. There’s no grain of truth in it.

“Now, all he’s done is create confusion for the Berkeley community.”

Devlin has announced that he will be running for the position of president, while some BCR members, still confused and blindsided, hope this conflict will be resolved.

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