Who do you ACTUALLY want to come speak at UC Berkeley?

Kanye West, anyone?

The narrative at UC Berkeley has become this: some nasty right-wing figure wants to come speak at our school and then turns it into political theater when, surprise, we don’t want them.

The Milo Yiannopoulos protests made national news and the school was condemned for killing free speech. When Ann Coulter’s appearance was cancelled, UC Berkeley was bashed yet again. Now, it is columnist Ben Shapiro’s turn. The school initially turned down his appearance, but conceded after media backlash. He is set to speak on September 14 – we have yet to see what drama ensues.

It’d be nice to have a speaker scheduled that all students would actually enjoy and wouldn’t have to dread what your clueless relatives are going to say to you at your next family gathering. Someone cool. Please.

We are curious to know who you actually want to see on campus. Enter your suggestions here:

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