Berkeley students protest in response to Trump election

They’re heading down Telegraph Avenue

November 8th marks a sad day on Berkeley’s campus as students watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump vie for the election majority. Thousands of¬†Berkeley students crowded Sproul Plaza to watch the election coverage on a big screen projected on the Mario Savio steps.

11:38pm: Students are chanting “Fuck Donald Trump” and people are “taking to the streets”

11:40pm: ¬†Students chanting “Not my president”

A protest has begun, students are rioting heading down Telegraph Avenue following the announcement of Donald Trump’s presidency.

11:55: Students heading towards Oakland, chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!”



Berkeley dorms’ response:

12:20: Protest now entering freeway.


12:20: Someone was hit by a car and an ambulance is being called.


More updates to follow.

UC Berkeley