Kalen Allen to appear on Ellen

The Temple student whose hysterical food critiques went viral is going mainstream

It's official. Kalen Allen has reached the penultimate status of fame.

After getting shout-outs on Twitter from celebs like Seth Rogen, Jesse Williams, and a follow from the queen herself — Chrissy Teigen — the Theatre/Film major and creator of the now-infamous food reacting videos has been seen by everyone's favorite human being, Ellen freaking DeGeneres.

On Thursday, December 7, Kalen announced that Ellen would be highlighting some of his video on her popular day-time television talk show, The Ellen Show.

Before the show aired, they released a short YouTube clip of the segment.

In addition to professing her love for Kalen, Ellen drops a bomb, stating, "Kalen, if you're watching this, and you should be, I want you to come here! Call me!"

When The Tab Temple asked him how it feels to finally get recognition from some of the mega-famous people he looks up to, he told us, "Everything up to this moment has been worth it."

This hilariously sassy Temple owl is making his name known in Hollywood, so expect to see more of him on YouTube, on TV and maybe even in person on The Ellen Show.

For now, make sure to check out Kalen's hightlight on Ellen today at 4pm on NBC.

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