Students at Temple University show off their personal tastes and styles on campus

This is Temple Threads, a guide to student fashion

As students flood the streets of Temple University’s campus, it’s easy to spot fresh ensembles in the crowd.

Temple University serves a vibrant student body, diverse in age, race, and class, among countless other categories. This diversity, combined with Temple’s urban location, makes the campus a prime setting for students to experiment with their looks and showcase their personal styles.

We asked some stylish individuals around campus about their fashion.

Lucy, 18

On a warm, autumn afternoon, Lucy strutted down Liacouras Walk in platform sandals. Drawing inspiration from Wynona Ryder and Instagram, she said she incorporates silver, accessories, and cool tones in her everyday style. Her favorite season to dress for is fall because she can wear winter and summer clothes, “but with more accessories, like with a jacket or with tights.”

Charlie, 19

Among the line of students waiting for Temple University’s Drag Show, Charlie’s brilliantly blue hair stood out. Most of their wardrobe is thrifted, and they find inspiration in other people who incorporate unusual, thrifted finds into their outfits. Charlie reflected on their style, saying “I like to match, even if it’s like unintentional. I guess simple and comfortable, really.”

Zach, 18

While waiting on a order from the Bagel Hut, Zach wore a comfortable, pastel ensemble of a sweater and shorts with high-top converse and tube socks. This student, influenced by “old people, or maybe East Asian Fashion,” described this personal style as “colorful, eccentric,” and “a little vintage-y.” Zach deemed this particular look as “bum-chic.”

Andrew, 18

After having a rough day, Andrew rocked black boots and all-black beneath a pink bomber-jacket, while standing in line for the Temple Drag show. This student, influenced by both high fashion and the drag community, described this personal style as “chic, girly, and masculine at the same time.”

Nasir, 20

Nasir gave a pensive pose, regarding this look as a “lucky, yet fashionable outfit,” since the student threw it on while running late for class. Nasir finds inspiration in both the hip hop scene and Basquiat art, and would describe his style as “retro, comfortable, identifiable.”

Laura, 19

Outside of the Student Center, Laura said she channelled “90s sitcom characters” with her high-waisted denim and tied work-shirt. She finds inspiration in “Jennifer Aniston on Friends and a lot of the outfits from Crybaby, the movie with Johnny Depp.”

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, many students use fashion as one of the various vehicles to outwardly express their tastes, cultures, and personalities that they bring to campus. Student style contributes to the Temple’s diversity that distinguishes this University from the rest, and adds some zest to the mundane walks to class.

Check out what students had to say about their style here:

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