Here’s your chance to share your college story

Tell them what’s up and win $100 in Diamond Dollars

The Wisconsin-HOPE Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is conducting a survey to learn more about the real experience of college students. The survey takes no more than 15-20 minutes and your privacy is important, so everything will be kept confidential.

This survey is called "Real College: A Study of the Real Experiences of College Students." #RealCollege and by completing this you get to share your college experiences and challenges so they can find better solutions for our problems. They want your honest truth. It is your chance to be unfiltered and upfront with any adversity and good times that you have faced in your college career.

You can follow this link to complete the survey.

There is monetary incentive and you may be entered to win $100 Diamond Dollars after you have completed the survey. A total of ten students will win this reward, and please note that you have option of opting out of being rewarded.

If you have any questions about the survey, you may direct them to Jed Richardson who is the Principal Investigator of the research. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or via phone at 608-890-2496.

Be sure to complete the survey to tell them what's happening in your life and they will better understand that the struggle out here is #real!

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