Here’s some of the best vacation spots Temple students went to this summer

Guess the hashtag was right, Owls really were everywhere

While scrolling through Instagram, we found some Temple Owls who have gone to some pretty special places around the globe this summer, such as Mexico, Chile, and South Africa.

We decided to pick some of the best traveling photos taken by Owls this summer and get the stories behind them.

Samantha Pregizer, Senior, Biology Major

Joshua Tree is as great as it seems. ?⛰?? #betterinperson @templeuniv #owlsareeverywhere

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“I went to California with my boyfriend to visit my Aunt and Uncle, so we visited Joshua Tree because I love the desert and hiking.”

Brennah Debkowski, Sophomore, Undeclared Major

#owlsareeverywhere, including 1,634 ft up in the appalachian mountains. ( @templeuniv )

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“My friends and I have been wanting to hike to the Pinnacle on Blue Mountain for a while because it’s known for having one of the best views of Pennsylvania. It didn’t disappoint. The 9-mile hike over rocks and through an unexpected downpour was definitely worth it.”

Amanda Koluda, Sophomore, Pre-Pharmacy Major

Not really sure who Bryce is, but his Canyon definitely is amazing ? #owlsareeverywhere

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“I went on a family vacation and we visited Utah. I really wanted to go out west and see a new place because I’ve like barely left the east coast. We saw Bryce Canyon and hiked along the rim and it was so beautiful. I love nature and outdoor activities so it was amazing to see something that was not man made.”

Erica Shertz, Sophomore, Accounting Major

i didn't know they had a strollos in aruba #OwlsAreEverywhere

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“Aruba! We went on a family vacation and this picture is at the “California lighthouse” on the island!!”

Marcel Lu, Senior, Communication Studies Major – Communication and Entrepreneurship Track

Reppin' my Temple t-shirt at the Basilica of Esztergom . . . #Owlsareeverywhere #Europe #Esztergom #Learningenterprises #templeUniversity #catholic #catholicchurch

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“This summer, I had the privilege to volunteer in Hungary and Slovakia to teach English with Learning Enterprises. This volunteer program aims to expand horizons through global volunteerism and to create a meaningful and lasting impact in the community that I will be serving primarily through teaching English. Everything went well and I got into a local news while I was there.”

“The reason why I applied for this program is because I wanted to do something different this summer; something memorable. This program was unique because it is open to all major and I only had to pay for my flight ticket there. Everything else is covered because I lived with a host family and they provide everything for me and other volunteers. Many applied and were interviewed and 10 were chosen and I was one of the ten. I am so happy to receive feedback and messages from the students and families that I have helped them a lot in the community and that the program was really useful for them. I am so glad I applied and served the community there because I was able to create so many meaningful memories and I consider this as the best summer ever!”

Meztli Cardoso, Junior, Political Science Major

Frida Kahlo makes me super proud to be Mexicana ????

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“I traveled to Mexico this summer for 2 months. I haven’t been to Mexico for 7 years. My parents are from Mexico City and I wanted to experience the true culture and food. I also travel to Chiapas, a state in Mexico. Chiapas in known to have the highest population of Indigenous people. I went to Palenque to see the Mayan ruins. I walked through the jungle of Palenque with a guide who is indigenous and told us how the Mayans lived and important symbols. He also told us our Mayan zodiac sign and animal in the Mayan calendar and I’m an owl. It was very beautiful to learn from people who have so much wisdom as they have been on the land for centuries.”

Hannah McComsey, Senior, Journalism

Thank you @templeuniv for the most amazing experience ever, take me back! @tusouthafrica @hannah_mccomsey #SouthAfrica #Agulhas

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“Over the summer, I studied abroad in South Africa through Klein College’s Study Away program. This particular study abroad program was unique because in addition to living abroad, I also had the opportunity to work as a journalist and tell stories about the people and places I encountered. It was an absolutely incredible experience that not only helped shape my worldview but also made me a smarter journalist. It wasn’t all work though! During my time abroad, I had the chance to paraglide, shark dive and visit historical sites. It was incredible! I’m currently working on a mini documentary series about my time there, called My South Africa Summer, which can be seen on my YouTube channel! You can check out my Instagram, @jo_hannahs_brug, for pictures and videos of my time abroad!”

Carolyn Bresnahan, Junior, Public Health Major

Owls aren't afraid of heights, right?

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“I went to Machu Picchu after I finished my study abroad trip in Chile. I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu and I hiked the Salkantay trail for 5 days 4 nights and we ended at Machu Picchu. It was the greatest experience of my life and I would do it all over again! I then went to Ecuador after Peru and hiked the Quilotoa Loop!”

Abigail Gruber, PhD Student, History

“I was a resident researcher for the National Museum of Bermuda (The Commisioner’s House is a museum facility and is where the picture was taken). I conducted research on the American Revolution’s impact on the Atlantic World for later scholarly works as a history doctoral student at Temple.”

Daron Mulligan, Senior, Geography and Urban Studies Double Major, Spanish Minor

“I was a student leader for Temple’s Service Immersion Program to El Paso, TX. The group stays with a local church in El Paso and spends the week learning about immigration and the border from different groups like Border Patrol officers, immigration lawyers, and immigrants. The application for next year opens up in a few weeks.”

Kimberly Sanchez, Freshman, International Business Major

•Follow the rainbow ?•

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“This summer I visited Norway and mostly stayed in a city called Oslo. Honestly, I wanted to travel here mostly to get a feel of independence and experience a new way of life. I’ve always loved the idea of traveling and learning of different cultures, that’s mainly why I’m majoring in international business. I’ve really had the chance to embrace this country and get lost in certain places. In Norway, I’ve hiked, visited multiple museums, experienced traditional meals, made friends with many locals, and really assured myself of my love of travel.

With all of this in mind, I’m already planning my next trip to Europe for next summer. I’ve met many people from all over Europe in Norway, even Paris and Rome locals who are willing to meet up next summer and show me their way of life. I’m excited for the upcoming year and proud to be a traveling Owl.”


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