Everything you need to know if you’re going to a music festival this year

What to avoid and what you should definitely do

This month, I experienced my very first music festival—Firefly!

Held in the woods of Dover, Delaware, my friends and I decided to attend all four days of the music festival.

Over those days, we had transformed from festival amateurs to festival pros by the last performance. I decided to share this newly obtained wealth of knowledge by giving you the Do's and Don'ts of music festivals from my own experience.

DO―Construct a Rave Totem

We didn’t know what this was before Firefly either—let me explain.

Basically you raid your local Walmart for a broom stick or fishing pole and affix something to the top of it. It can be anything (i.e. a stuffed animal, a meme, your high school principal’s picture, etc.)

The more creative the better! When you get in the gates, hold your totem high and proud. Not only does it let members of your group find their way back in a large crowd, but it also works as a fabulous icebreaker with your fellow festival goers.

DON’T―Wear your cute, new sandals

Listen, they will get destroyed. I recommend an old pair of closed toed sneakers because in a crowd of thousands of dancing people—you will get stepped on.

DO―Pack a Snack (shhh)

Even though outside food was not allowed in Firefly, I was able to smuggle a granola bar or two into the festival. This is a great thing to have especially when you start to get hangry waiting for an act to start, and you don’t want to lose your spot to go buy something to eat.

DON’T―Leave your spot

Waiting until the last minute to get a spot for the person you are dying to see perform is a no go. Give yourself at least an hour head start to get a decent view.

DO―Have a game plan

Before entering the festival, be sure to make a plan for the day. Figure out which artists are a must and which ones you can pass on to get better spots for your favorites.

Firefly cost an arm and a leg but it was well worth it ?✨? #fireflymusicfestival

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Now is not the time to overpack your backpack. Just pack the essentials, and you'll thank me later.

You should coordinate who brings what with the members of your group beforehand and it will definitely save you a trip to the chiropractor afterwards.

DO―Bring a tapestry!

Five Below sells them. They fold up really small. You can lay on them. You can wear them. You can have a photo shoot with them. Definite must have.

DON’T―Forget to protect your skin

You don’t want to be a lobster. If you remember anything, make it your sunscreen unless you want a horrible sunburn afterwards.

DO―Consider buying an Eno

This portable hammock is a fabulous way to ride out the hot afternoon sun in the shade. Just don’t fall asleep and miss someone!

DON’T―Don’t just stand there, DANCE

Dance like nobody's watching. This is your time to SHINE.

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