There’s a new trend going around campus that nobody’s talking about — chicken wings

For the whole month of February, I recorded the amount of chicken bones that I found on campus

So when I first got to Temple I was young, ambitious, and ready to take on this city and all it had to offer.

And party, oh did I want to party.

And so, like every Temple freshmen I gathered my group of friends and walked down streets aimlessly, desperately trying to find a chill, laid-back — *free* — house party.

That’s when it first happened — I stumbled on something. And then it got worse, everywhere I went I started to find chicken bones.

Exhibit A: Found on Polett Walk February 4th, 11:44 AM

I know what you’re thinking: Who cares? And yeah I thought that too, but it kept happening. Soon, every time I went on campus, somehow, someway I would encounter another chick bone. I started to record my findings in this month alone:

Exhibit B: Thigh bone (?) found on 9th and Norris February 14th, 12:12 PM

At first I thought it was a quirky weird thing I just happen to notice. But soon I got curious; Who was doing this?  Why didn’t these bones ever make it to a trash can? And most importantly where were they getting these wings from? And in a more unrelated note: Why was I the only one who attracted these chicken bones everywhere I went?

Exhibit D:  Found on North 11th St. February 20th, 12:12PM


Exhibit E: Found near Bell Tower February 22nd 10:59 AM

Finally, I had enough and decided to take this mystery into my own hands. Based on the pattern of the droppings I determined the culprit either got the wings from either Maxi’s or 7/11.

I showed my evidence to the cashiers from both establishments (they did not wish to be identified). Here’s what I got from the Maxi’s cashier:


Do you think you sold these wings?

I don’t know. A lot of people buy wings here.

Do these look like the wings you sell here?

[Laughs] Don’t all wings look the same? No. I don’t know. Clean up your trash.


So Maxis was no help. But that was fine because my other suspect (The Liacourse 7/11) was my main focus. It was more likely that they were the ones behind the selling of the chicken wings because it is open 24 hours and  I would find the bones at various times throughout the day.


Do you think the person got these chicken wings from here?

I’m not sure. I have no idea…


So that was it. I hit a wall. I didn’t end up finding where the Bone Bandit was getting their supply. But there were some things that I did find out for sure: they didn’t care about littering, they were probably feeding a considerable amount of the deranged squirrels on campus, and they love chicken wings (duh).

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