We asked Temple students about their favorite Halloween movies

Grab the popcorn, cider, and put on one of these classics

Halloween is right around the corner and is always a big holiday for Temple students. Many of them have already hit the stores for costumes, decorations and other types of entertainment for the upcoming party weekend.

In the spirit of Halloween, we asked some students about their favorite Halloween movies – from spooky to silly.

Asia Kopcsandy, sophomore, Women’s Studies 

“I pick The Shining because I have a great pic to go along with it.”

Erin Dignam, junior, Finance


“Either Halloween 5 or a Nightmare on Elm Street. I don’t really have reason why but I just like them.”

Rachel Dundorf, sophomore, Psychology



“Casper! The one from 1995! It’s so lame but I love it so much and no one can take that from me. It’s such an underrated movie.”

Laura Musser, sophomore, Chemistry 12662586_1198074583540854_599853932433354929_n“Halloweentown 2. I always enjoyed watching it as a kid. It’s my favorite because Marnie and her grandma have to go through a lot of suspense to save their friends and family after the whole town turns grey under the ‘Grey Spell’.”

Colin Camerota, sophomore, Visual Studies  



“If we’re talking scary then The Conjuring 2! It was so terrifying.”

Henry Fountain, junior, Marketing 


“Nightmare Before Christmas. It gets me in the mood for Halloween. It used to scare me as a kid. I love the musical score to- the songs are fantastic. I like Tim Burton creations.”

Sydney Ferrera, sophomore, Media Studies and Production 


“My favorite is Coraline. I always appreciate the effort it takes to produce a claymation movie and I just feel like the overall concept of her finding a parallel world and her adventures is really entertaining to watch. Also as a media studies and production student I really enjoy the audio aspect of it with the background noise and sound effects.”

Teresa Leo, sophomore, Kinesiology 



“Hocus Pocus. It’s funny and it isn’t like a “normal” Halloween movie yet its so classic.”

Molly Ohar, sophomore, Nursing 



“My favorite Halloween movie is definitely Michael Myers- all of those are classic.” 

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