A guide to your first day drink

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Warm weather only means one thing – day drinking. Once it hits 70 degrees, it’s time again for daylongs, dayges, darties, etc.

It’s hard sometimes to make it through the entire day. You don’t want to be that person missing out on all the fun because it all hit you way too fast.

Here are some good tips to help your survive the daylongs this weekend!

Eat throughout the day


I promise you won’t sober up. Eating a little bit will only help you to keep drinking, prolong your buzz and keep your energy up. Plus, we all know pizza tastes better drunk.

Don’t take too many shots


Everyone loves shots. They’re a fun way to get drunk fast. Unfortunately, one shot too many will usually be the thing that puts people over the edge. Sip your liquor or stick to beer.

Double up with water

IMG_3064 (1)

I know it’s lame. It’s what our parents taught us the first time they caught us throwing up cheap Burnett’s, what health class taught us and it’s what our friends tell us in order to avoid hangovers, but we never do it. Drinking water will be the only way you can keep up.

Have a buddy


It’s always good to have at least one person by your side to make sure you get through the day safely. Having friends to look out for each other keeps everyone safe, in case someone decides jumping off the balcony is a good idea.

Take a nap after you decide to tap out


Sleep is crucial for your body to function. Remember that feeling when you pulled an all-nighter and sat in class all day? Going out after a full day of drinking is a million times worse. You spent the whole day raging, give yourself a break and sleep so you can function like a real human.

Happy drinking!

Temple University