Professor Aaron X. Smith was featured on Worldstar today

Spoiler alert – This Drake diss is better than Meek’s

Our favorite rapping professor here at Temple is at it again.

Professor Aaron X. Smith, who teaches various classes in the African American Studies department, has been known to spit some bars every once in a while – much to the delight of us students.

Professor Smith used to be a rapper and went by the name Young Fearless. Lucky for us Temple Students that side of him never went away despite becoming a professor last year. This new video of him just surfaced on Worldstar.

Rather than the uplifting message in last year’s rap, this time around Young Fearless is taking shots at T-Dot’s finest: Aubrey Drake Graham. Apparently Professor Smith didn’t like it when Drizzy went at Philly’s one and only Meek Mill after he spilled some insider info regarding Drake’s alleged “ghostwriters.”


After two separate diss tracks – one of them nominated for a Grammy – everyone unanimously declared Drake the winner.

Everyone, that is, besides Professor Smith. Backing up his hometown boy, he decided to fire back at Drake and the direction he’s leading the rap game in. His criticisms include the usual: Drake’s soft, phony, and tries to be an entertainer rather than a true rapper. Despite harping on common criticisms of Drake, Professor Smith undoubtedly has some crazy wordplay going on here. Meek’s rebuttal to Drizzy’s diss songs was pretty awful, but Professor Smith definitely had his back and brought some respect back to Philly with this one.

The new video already has 123,000 views on Worldstar even though it was posted only earlier today. Be sure to watch it, share it, and show off to all your friends back home how awesome our professors are.

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