Temple just banned hoverboards on campus

They want you to ‘be sensitive to plant life’

Looking forward to showing off the hoverboard you got for Christmas on the first day of class? Tough luck, because Temple just banned them.

“Beginning with the spring 2016 semester, hoverboards may not be used, charged or stored anywhere on campus”

Last semester the hoverboard community was forbidden to board indoors by flyers posted in dining halls and academic buildings, but as of January 8, hoverboards are completely barred from campus.

The statement on the school’s website cited the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s concern over fires inexplicably caused by hoverboards.


Since the product gained popularity in the past year, stories of house fires and explosions caused by it have flooded the news. Even Saturday Night Live referenced the craze’s hazard in a digital short with Pete Davidson.

The CPSC is in the process of conducting an investigation to determine why hoverboards pose a fire hazard, and Temple maintains that they are not allowed as long as they threaten safety on campus.

The administration also took this opportunity of releasing a statement to remind skateboarders to  be please respectful of campus property and to “be sensitive to plant life.”

Temple University