Syracuse University ranked in the top 100 best schools in the nation

No school can beat our overall college experience

As if we needed reminding how amazing ‘Cuse is, we have officially been declared as the 61st best university in America.

U.S. News and World Report has just released their annual ranking of American colleges, placing us in the top 100. Last year, we were ranked 60th, which means we were bumped down a notch —WTF?

Coming as no surprise, Princeton, Harvard and University of Chicago all took the top three spots. U.S. News base their rankings on graduate outcomes (year-by-year completion and graduation rates), the number of students receiving Pell Grants, faculty resources, student satisfaction, financial resources, expert opinion, student excellence and alumni giving.

Besides the academic overview they give of Syracuse, our school is a crazy school-spirit university that even beat our biggest rival (#fuckduke) this past winter in basketball– and yes, we partied hard to celebrate.

Here in the 315, we work hard and play harder. Not only do we have amazing sports and a fan system called Otto’s Army, we have awesome programs, schools, clubs, faculty, different activities to be a part of and a beautiful campus to walk around and explore. When we’re catching a break from school, we’ll be hitting up happy hour, frat-hopping, or dartying or tailgating (looking at you, @East Adams).

We’re also considered a foodie’s paradise and a hungry drunk gal’s haven. From Original Grain to good ol’ Calio’s, we have hundreds of (un)healthy options to stuff your face with — drunk or sober.

Although the U.S. News and World Report rated us 61st in the rank of colleges in America, the university as a whole can definitely be rated #1 by each and every one of us.

No school can beat our overall college experience.

Syracuse University