Juice Jam 2k17 announced its headliner and hopefully they won’t disappoint us like last year

We’re talking about you Fetty Wap…

Juice Jam, arguably the best kickoff of the fall semester and the *perf* place to listen to some bomb music, take insanely cute pics for Instagram and enjoy a day of good food and great friends, is almost upon us!

Right now you're probably racking your brain, mentally flipping through the hangers in your closet trying to figure out what to wear on September 10th. I bet you're also Googling where the heck Skytop Fields is even located. But of all the questions you will inevitably ask yourself before Juice Jam arrives in just a couple weeks, the most important will be, "WHO THE HECK IS EVEN PERFORMING?"

Fear not, because University Union answered all of our prayers yesterday. In a press release, UU announced that Diplo, a musical producer most famous for his collaboration with multiple famous artists, will be the Juice Jam headliner. This means we can most definitely look forward to hearing well known tracks such as "Where are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) and Lean on by Major Lazor without having to worry about pretending to know the lyrics — watermelon, cantaloupe anyone? Along with Diplo, Ugly God, MØ, Smallpools & Jeremey Zucker are expected to perform.

Picture curtesy of University Union

Picture curtesy of University Union

This is without a doubt going to be 10x better than last year's venu because although there were great some performers such as Tove Lo & Marshmello and D.R.A.M, some performers fell a little short in actually showing up.

Last year, Fetty Wap experienced "transportation delays" and was unable to make his performance. Countless students were left standing outside at the Skytop Fields for over an hour in anticipation for a performance that just wasn't coming.

According to the University Union website, tickets for Juice Jam will be on sale from August 29-31 for $20 a pop at the Carrier Dome Box Office.

Doors will open at 12 PM at the North Skytop fields, but if you know anything about concerts, the most famous performer often goes last. If you choose to skip out of the first couple artists, make sure you arrive at the field in time to hear Diplo and dance around crazily in the dirt with all your BFFs. See you there!

Party on people!

Party on people!

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