Syracuse accidentally started a chain email and people are not happy

A collection of the best tweets and an explanation for what is happening

At around 3pm an email was sent out to students to inform them about when they can purchase their student parking pass. Soon after, everyone and their mother began replying to the email asking to be taken off the Listserv.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, people continued to hit ‘reply all’ and now everyone’s mailbox looks like a huge group chat that they never ask to be part of.

Students have been replying to the chain email to express how they want to be removed from the email and from Listserv, asking “Why are we getting all these emails?” which, to be fair, is a great question.

One especially distraught student replied, “I don’t even own a car. Stop emailing me.”

The Internet collectively decided to start doing what it does best and began tweeting about the incident.

Syracuse University