Your fashion guide to Mayfest and Block Party: 2017 edition

May(fest) you find the perfect look

Believe it or not, the semester is almost over. Crazy we know, especially since it feels like just started yesterday. With the end of late night study sessions in sight, ‘Cuse students can now look forward to one of the best days of the year: Mayfest and Block Party.

This is supposed to be one of the greatest days of the school year, so, don’t let staring into your closet, worrying about what to wear bring you down! That’s where we come in. Julia (left) and Elizabeth (right) are here to save you from your wardrobe meltdowns and give you five outfits t0 help you slay ‘Cuse’s biggest party of the season. Don’t stress, don’t fret, don’t throw all your clothes on the floor and tell your roommate you aren’t going. Simply take our advice, post some cute Instagrams and thanks us later.

The Jacket Look

J: Layering with a light jacket or long sleeve is always a good move. I’m wearing festival-style jean shorts with a plain white tank, topped by a sand colored, super light windbreaker. As always, I’m sporting my go-to gray Vans to keep my style in every outfit.

E: I put this look together simply by taking my favorite ripped denim shorts and pairing them with a classic and well-loved graphic tee (how true is that saying, I mean we’re all broke college students here). To add a little color, I threw on a distressed and oversized denim shirt which makes the look more casual and can easily be tied around your waist when you don’t need it. I finished it off by wearing white sneakers and some cool sunnies.

The Romper Look

J: A romper is everything you need: comfort, ease, and style. Throw on your favorite romper and you’re good to go. I’m wearing a light and comfortable patterned romper with a dark bralette peeking out for contrast, and a large gold necklace to add some detail. Strappy sandals like mine are best for a romper like this.

E: I swear rompers are the easiest clothing item you could ever wear! They’re comfortable, effortless and can seriously make you look like you put a ton of thought into your outfit when in reality, this one piece has been hanging in your closet with the tags on it for months.  I opted for this super casual jean romper with a little bit of floral embroidery which is a huge trend this season. Pair it with your favorite comfortable sandals and some minimal jewelry and you’re ready to go! 

The Bodysuit Look

J: A bodysuit is a simple clothing piece that makes a statement, no matter what the rest of your outfit looks like. I’m wearing my most comfortable black bodysuit with an open back (which you can’t see, but I promise it’s cute), paired with high-waisted, light wash shorts. I’m letting this outfit speak for itself, so the last thing I’m wearing is a sleek black pair of sandals.

E: I’m a huge fan of bodysuits because they’re another piece of clothing that almost everyone has and almost anyone can pair with something from their closet. Take one of your cutest body suits that you normally wear on a night out, and make it more casual by wearing it with your favorite ripped denim shorts and some simple sandals. I went for an all black look to make my look a bit edgy but you can seriously take this outfit idea and use any color combination you want.

The Ripped Jeans Look

J: Too chilly for shorts when the day comes? Ripped jeans of any kind work just as well! I paired my light washes with a simple and sleek black, off the shoulder top, and then I adorned my bare neck with a shiny gold choker. I’m wearing strappy sandals in this look, but if it’s extra chilly your favorite Vans or Converse will do just fine.

E: Nobody wants to be cold. If the weather isn’t looking too hot, you’re not going to want to be frolicking around all day freezing your butt off in shorts and a tank top. That’s where your favorite ripped denim comes in. To add some color, I decided to pair my jeans with this off the shoulder pink top because it lets me show a little skin and the material is flowy and comfortable. For shoes, I wore my favorite gray Vans that still keep the look neutral and won’t hurt my feet before the day is over. 

The Knotted Tee Look

J: I took this style as an opportunity to show my favorite grunge side. I went for the all black look by knotting my favorite band tee with my staple concert shorts: high waisted with rips all over. To tie it all together, I’m sporting black Vans and my favorite sunglasses. Not to mention, my black tattoos add even more to the look. But you don’t have to go that far.

E: For this last look, I really wanted to play off the unique straps on this tank top by adding a halter bralette underneath. The all white on top keeps things really simple and can allow you to add a bunch of cool layered necklaces without feeling like you’re trying too hard. I knotted the shirt in the front to further emphasize the whole casual, laidback vibe. Next, I grabbed this pair of denim shorts with a bit of crochet detail on each side. You can recreate this look by grabbing any pair of shorts that are a little more unique than your classic pair; they could have crochet like mine, lace, studs, anything! Again, I wore my gray Vans because they’re classic and comfortable.

Yeah, we may be a hot mess, but your outfits don’t have to be.

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