Evangelista violated SA’s bylaws for the second time

The Judicial Review Board

On March 20th, it was discovered that Eric Evangelista, Student Association president, submitted the SA budget proposal without “prior approval from the cabinet and the assembly,” a clear violation of the SA bylaws. Evangelista admitted to his wrongdoing but also added that the presidents who came before him did not seek approval and did not explain to him that he needed to seek approval either.

Article 1.15 of the bylaws, stating the President must seek approval of the Cabinet in regards to the budget, was violated and article 4.2.3 of the Constitution, stating that the President must seek approval of the Assembly in regards to the budget, was also violated. According to The Daily Orange, Evangelista would be one of many people to be investigated if SA chooses to go through with one.

Evangelista and his VP Joyce LaLonde

In January, Evangelista was under investigation for the violation of multiple SA bylaws, including lying to University officials and appointing a student to SA without opening up applications to the general body. He claimed he would send out an email about the Public Relations Chair position over winter break but instead failed to do it, citing being overextended to other commitments in an email accidentally sent to the entire student body. The result was a restriction in his authority as SA president.

The Tab will continue to report on SA and Eric Evangelista.


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