Hundreds of students and faculty members demand a sanctuary campus

SU, ESF students and faculty came together to peacefully protest

At 3:00pm today, hundreds of students and faculty members at SU and SUNY ESF marched across campus in part of the National Walk Outs for Sanctuary Campus Campaign.


The demonstration started on the Quad

The large group met at the Quad before storming through the promenade with signs and chanting sayings such as ‘we reject the president elect,’ ‘my body, my choice,’ among other phrases.

According to the event’s Facebook page,┬áthe march was organized because ‘As the students of Syracuse University and SUNY ESF we will not tolerate white supremacy, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism, ableism, homophobia, or transphobia, on our campus. We will not tolerate any attack on any of our community members. We will protect one another and continue fighting because we will not live in fear for the next four years.’


Other signs read, ‘this pussy grabs back,’ ‘my body my choice,’ ‘black lives matter’ and more. Both professors and students participated in the demonstration.


SU and ESF were just two of the many schools partaking in National Walk Out, which encouraged students to peacefully protest and demand a sanctuary campus and ‘commit to putting our bodies between Trump and undocumented students.’

Syracuse University