We’re the sixth most fun college in America

And probably the world

Business Insider just released a list of the 30 most fun colleges in America. Syracuse University was named number six.

They determined what colleges made the list by looking at various rankings from The Princeton Review’s 2016 Best College book. Twelve Princeton Review rankings were taken into account while a formula was created to compile the list including:

  • Party schools
  • Lots of beer
  • Happiest students
  • Best quality of life
  • Lots of Greek life

Here are some reasons we made the list.

We have the Carrier Dome

It is the largest domed stadium in the country. In fact, it can seat up to approximately 49,250 people for a sold-out football game. Those are a lot of seats for fans dressed in orange to fill, but we never fail to look like one huge sea of orange. Our school spirit has an incredible presence on campus. Everywhere you go, you will always see at least a couple of people repping.


School spirit

Because we are a huge sports school, we like to dress up in ‘Cuse attire and celebrate our pride. So, when there are sports games, there are a tailgates. If or when we make it to the game, we always see our mascot Otto.


We’re a top party school

Last year, we were named the number one party school. To say the least, we know how to have fun. Whether you are at one of the bars right off of campus, a frat party or an athletic house party, the night life here is always exciting.

‘Cuse also hosts music festivals: Juice Jam, a one-day music festival during the fall semester, and Mayfest, a daylong party followed by a concert during the spring semester. During Juice Jam last semester, Syracuse students enjoyed an amazing performance by Big Sean.


Endless amounts of amazing food

Although the dining hall food might not be as great as the food at home, the food choices off campus are endless. On Marshall Street alone, there is a variety of food that includes gourmet sandwiches, waffles, calzones, Italian food, Indian food, Chipotle, Insomnia, Chinese food, Japanese food and more. In addition to that array of food, we also have the opportunity to try the restaurants in Armory Square.

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Our campus is gorgeous

Finally, even with all of the snow, our school is absolutely beautiful.


Syracuse University