Everything that happened at Dancing with the Card last night

Embarrassing freshmen for a good cause

Stanford has a unique way of welcoming their freshmen athletes to campus. It’s called Dancing with the Card.

Every February the student athlete government group called Cardinal Council hosts a fundraiser for Camp Kesem, a weeklong summer camp that hosts kids whose parents suffer from cancer.

To honor this great cause, the freshmen athletes for each team choreograph a three-minute dance to perform in front of an audience and three celebrity judges. One of the celebrity judges this year included Heisman Trophy finalist, Christian McCaffrey. In an American Idol-type format each team performs their dance and then receives a score out of ten from each judge.


This year the competition was tight and the level of dance quality was at an all time high. Highlight performances included women’s field hockey, men’s fencing, and men’s gymnastics.

The dances displayed a wide variety of creative moves such as the dab, the worm, and lots of pelvic thrusts. Justin Bieber montages were popular among the women’s music choices while Back Street Boys along with other boybands were popular among the men’s teams.

Freshman softball player Carolyn Lee said: “I think it was a great event to bring the athletic community together doing something other than sports, while also incorporating the whole student body for a meaningful cause. The nerves were definitely there but I think our whole group had a great time on stage and it will certainly be an experience that we will remember.”

The event this year sold more tickets than ever before and will be able to send seven to eight kids to Camp Kesem this summer for free.

Although a great fundraising event, overall, the athletes should stick to their respective sports and leave the dancing for behind closed doors.

Stanford University