Rutgers frat parties: Expectation vs. reality

It’s not all just white guys in frockets

A night out will never go exactly as planned—especially if part of the plan is to go to a Frat Party. Whether you're going to a Dage hours before the big game, or observing Thirsty Thursday, odds are that you'll have a couple stories to tell the next morning.

But there's also a lot of misconceptions that students (including myself) have about Frat parties. So I figured I'd set the record straight.

Expectation: You're Going to Get Shit-faced with ease

Reality: There Will Be Droughts

You walk into the house, and the music is blasting. You're pumped because you actually got in even though the "big, scary dudes" out on the porch were yelling "We're capped!" and you thought that you'd have to walk for ten minutes to another house. You squeeze through the masses, and sooner or later you realize: this party is completely fucking dry.

There are no shirtless guys filling up red solo cups from a Gatorade cooler, and you hadn't managed to cop a bottle for you and your friends. Sure, you can just head to another party, but it's 50 degrees out and you're wearing a spaghetti strap bodysuit. How's a girl to make it without the a little Jungle Juice to warm her up?

Our breathalyzers would've read 0.0

Our breathalyzers would've read 0.0

Expectation: My guy friend will get in, he's with like, 8 girls

Reality: "Ratio" is a written law with unwritten rules

Bringing a guy to a party is like walking on thin ice, just for him though. As a guy, sometimes you end up having to pay to get in, even if you have enough girls for a professional cheer stunt. Most Frats will even make note that only male prospects/pledges are allowed in.

Before a Dage on the day of the Football Season Opener, my friend cut our weakest link because she felt that we couldn't carry him as extra baggage. He didn't know any brothers, so he was just good for some shots on the bus. After giving a feigned, half-hearted smile, she took another swig of Blue Raspberry Svedka and waved him off.

Had to "Diddy Crop".

Had to "Diddy Crop".

Expectation: Fraternity = White Boys

Reality: Frats are a melting pot

Now, many people are aware that all Frats are not the typical "white-boys-crushing-beer-cans-on-their-heads-and-leading-freshmen-into-laundry-room-closets" kind of ordeal. But, there's a reason why that image comes to mind.

Drop all of your stereotypes, because you may end up at a party where you don't have much in common with anyone, and absolutely love it. From cultural to professional, each frat here has something to offer, and it isn't all spiked juice and uncomfortable "come over here" gestures.

Expectation: You'll sweat

Reality: You'll sweat, she'll sweat, the walls will sweat

This is the factor that may make you wish you stayed home, or did literally anything else that night. When you're packed, and some people smell like Vienna Sausages in an unfinished basement with no air conditioning, you start to wonder if the past two hours of "fun" were really worth it. You're going to be forced into a wall at one point or another, and you'll ask yourself "Did they just paint the walls today?" I wouldn't put it past certain people, but odds are that they didn't. It's a combination of everyone's sweat (and other fluids) on the walls. It's like the opposite of what walking through a mist machine at Six Flags feels like.

Expectation: You and your friends will stick together

Reality: You Lose Each Other Sometimes, One Way or Another

It's a cardinal rule that you and your pals stick together, and for the most part, maybe you will. But sometimes, for one reason or another, you lose someone (or everyone). This may be more for girls than for guys, but it's important to look out for your friends while you're in an unfamiliar place.

Telling a wild story about last night's throw-down isn't fun if everyone doesn't live to recount the night. Besides, getting pizza at 2 AM while drunk is more fun if you're with the people that you love.

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