Food at Rutgers: The ultimate guide

RU Hungry Right Now?

Rutgers takes it food very seriously. Everyone seems to have an opinion on where to get the best food on campus. There are diverse options for anyone who has a specific craving.

RU Hungry?

This one is a no brainer. The Fat Sandwiches are the heart and soul of the food culture at RU. Where else can you get a sandwich with fries, chicken fingers, cheese steak, and mozzarella sticks? Located at the Yard on Collage Ave, RU Hungry has been featured on the Travel Channel multiple times, because of how iconic it is. Man V Food's Adam Richman attempted the challenge, and ultimately failed doing it. Every Rutgers student should try a Fat Sandwich at least once.

Knight Wagon

Knight Wagon is probably the most famous food truck on campus. This food truck sells a variety of food that can fulfill your every craving from sandwiches, to fries, to gyros etc. The beautiful thing about Knight Wagon is the fact that it's on a different campus every day, so everyone has a chance to order their tasty food. Follow them on social media to see if they'll be on your campus.

Krispy Pizza

While there a lot of pizzerias to choose from on campus, Krispy Pizza is the one everyone should try located at the Yard on College Ave. This Brooklyn chain stands out from all the other pizzerias, because of the quality pizza they serve. There's nothing like fresh pizza that comes straight out of the oven. From options like buffalo chicken, grandma's, chicken parm, penne vodka, there's something for everybody here.

Henry's Diner

New Jersey is known for its diners, so it's strange to think that Rutgers has only one on campus. Henry's Diner is quality diner food that feels like you are back in your small Jersey town. Located on Livingston Campus, they serve breakfast all day for your nightly pancake cravings. Their sandwiches are also top notch, and will satisfy that diner craving you have been having.

Stuff Yer Face

This one is also a no-brainer. Located on 49 Easton Ave, Stuff Yer Face is one of the famous places here, and it's home to the famous giant strombolis. A stromboli is a piece of dough fulled with all types of meats, cheese, and vegetables. Adam Richman also visited here. There are plenty of strombolis to choose from, and you can even make your own if the menu options aren't doing it for you. Since this place is a bar, it's a great place to hang out and grab a drink. It's also home to the famous fishbowls, which are giant fruity drinks that people share.

Destination Dogs

If you are ever in the mood for a quality hot dog, Destination Dogs is the place for you located on 101 Paterson Street. They serve specialty hot dogs that you thought wasn't even possible. From regular beef dogs, to sausages, to vegetarian, to chorizo, to alligator and shrimp sausage (what!?!?), there is something for every hot dog fanatic. They'll put anything on a dog ranging from different vegetables, meats, and sauces, you just have to try something different every time you go there.

Hansel n' Griddle

A customized London Broil sandwich! Pro tip – add mushrooms, onions & swiss to your london broil sandwich & thank us later 😋

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Hansel n' Griddle has become a fan favorite at Rutgers for a good reason. Its menu offers some of the best variety of food on campus. This place was voted the best Rutgers restaurant during the March Munchies voting. Open until 3 a.m. everyday, this place is great to go for a late night meal. They offer everything from breakfast, sandwiches, paninis, burgers, and wings, and it's located on 130 Easton Ave. This place offers half-off smoothies during happy hour, for people who want a fruity beverage.

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