The Panera on College Ave is now open

Be prepared for the bread bowls

Panera is now officially open on College Ave, right next to the student center where Au Bon Pain used to be.  If ABP used to be your go to stop to study, grab some coffee, or cool down, Panera is now here to save the day.

Au Bon Pain had served Rutgers students well, but it just wasn’t enough. Just last year, rumors of Au Bon Pain’s closing swept through the Rutgers community, and the most common question that resonated throughout the student body was “what is going to come next?”

Somehow, somewhere, eventually Panera was what everyone was expecting.  It’s been a long wait, especially with ABP(Au Bon Pain) closing down after the fall 2016 semester, but the wait was worth it.

Also, what is there to NOT love about a Panera being on campus? You get some nice quiet study space right next to the student center, food that’s not only great but free of preservatives (for health junkies like me out there, this is GOALS), and the satisfaction of having a healthier option within walking distance.

So it’s time to get your butts to Panera now because who can resist their mac and cheese in a bread bowl? No one is safe from those delicious carbs.

Rutgers University