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Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but Rutgers has the best drunk food in America, and perhaps the world. I mean, Rutgers literally invented the fat sandwich – which has taken the entire world by storm. So when it comes to grabbing a quick 2 a.m. bite, there are countless places to stumble into on Easton to feed your highly intoxicated soul. And while everyone has their personal favorites, it’s about time we decide where Rutgers’ best drunk food place is, once and for all.

Round 1: Mamoun’s vs. R-U Grill & Pizza

This Shawarma Platter awaits you at your local #Mamouns. #ComeGetIt

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Mamoun’s is always a good idea. At any time of day or well into the night, you will never be disappointed with their falafel sandwiches which you can get for less than $4 each. The beloved chain has locations in New York City, Princeton, and of course, our very own in New Brunswick.

Can’t decide if you want a fat sandwich or a pizza? With RU Grill & Pizza, you don’t even have to decide – they have amazing choices for both, like the Fat Zack, which is literally a fat sandwich with pizza as the bread! There are so many amazing options at RU Grill, and you seriously can’t go wrong with any of them.

Round 2: PJ’s vs. Gio’s

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The battle of the pizzas. PJ’s is definitely one of the tiniest pizza joints on campus, so trying to get a hot slice at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night may take you a little while – and finding a table for your turnt entourage might be even harder. But every die-hard PJ’s fan will adamantly defend their beloved whole in the wall because it really is that good. Just be sure not to trip going down the stairs after you’ve had one of these heavenly slices of goodness.

Giovanelli’s, or more commonly known around campus as Gio’s, also has a pretty loyal following. And cementing its place in the hearts of every drunk Scarlet Knight, Gio’s is open until 4 a.m. – making it one of the few restaurants on campus that are open past 3. Order a pie and have it delivered to your dorm in the wee hours of the morning, and kiss your hangover goodbye.

Round 3: Stuff Yer Face vs. RU Hungry?

These two legendary spots on campus have undoubtedly changed the name of drunk food, and have even taken their out-of-this-world creations internationally. Stuff Yer Face is famous for its bolis (strombolis), potachos (potato chip nachos), and their iconic fish bowls – a gigantic gallon of liquor that will get you and your friends messy for just $16. Also, it’s the place where Michelin rated chef Mario Batali got his start while studying at Rutgers. Stuff Yer Face is truly the place where you can have it all, whether you’re stuffing your face with food or their amazingly tasty drinks Stuff Yer Face is the college staple.

RU Hungry? is the literal birthplace of fat sandwiches. And if your parents are young to have experienced the greatness of RU Hungry while they were at Rutgers, you know their stories about their crazy nights out were incomplete until RU Hungry was mentioned. While the grease truck that used to live next to Alexander Library has since been removed from campus, RU Hungry now stands as a storefront in it’s original location at the Yard. When talking drunk college food, it’s pretty debatable whether anything else tastes better than burger patties, mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken nuggets, and tons of sauce on a sub roll – so don’t think about how many calories you’re downing and just the deliciousness.

Round 4: Hansel ‘n Griddle vs. Daniel’s

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Hansel n’ Griddle never disappoints. Their smoothies are always on point and refreshing, and their crisps, paninis, sandwiches, wraps, and wings are delectable in equal measure. Their potato wedges are an absolute must for a side when ordering anything from the grill, and their menu never fails to please even the most pickiest of eaters. And if you’re just too drunk to sit down to eat, their delivery service is always prompt and reliable.

Daniel’s pizza is amazing and innovative. They have specialty pizzas that are to die for, such as their tortellini pizza – which literally has whole tortellini on the pizza – as well as eggplant parmesan pizza, cheese steak pizza, onion ring pizza, and chicken cordon bleu pizza. And rumor has it that Daniel’s uses actual Grey Goose Vodka for their penne vodka pizza, so you know you’re getting bang for your buck. To make it even better, Daniel’s also shares its space with a  sushi restaurant!


So, what’s it gonna be Rutgers? May the best restaurant win.


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