A behind-the-scenes look inside Rutgers’ famed Honors College

Some rooms even overlook the Raritan River

This is the first year students will live in the new Honors College here at Rutgers. The $84.8 million building will house 530 students and boasts the residents are Rutgers’ “brightest,” despite there already being another honors program.

The college is the university’s attempt to be more prestigious, like many of the Ivies with a similar colonial history.

The Tab Rutgers took a peek inside of the renowned dormitory, and it didn’t disappoint.

The couches in my lounge have mysterious stains on them.

The dorm rooms are very similar to the other students’, aside from the new furniture, windows with a riverview and new carpeting.

The building’s most impressive features are the multiple fireplaces, flat screens in the study lounges, piano, stained glass windows and the terrace where you can laugh at the traffic from the SAC while roasting some marshmallows.

Sure, the Honors College is a nice addition to the campus, but it seems like the university is ignoring all the other students who haven’t been selected as the “brightest.” Most of our study room couches have stains on them, we haven’t had new carpet in years and hey, where’s my A/C, Rutgers?

Rutgers will always attract smart students, but favoring them over the other students isn’t right. After all, at the end of the day, the Honors College isn’t what’s going to make these kids’ experience at Rutgers. They’ll still have to ride the same shitty buses, eat at Brower and live in the same dorms as us next year.

It’s more like Rutgers lured them here with a fancy building, but the stale beer and aggressive driving will make them stay. That, or we aren’t half bad.

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