Princeton Police tickets students for jay-walking across Washington Rd

Don’t jay-walk near Terrace club unless you want to get fined $54

The Princeton Police Department issued warnings to multiple university students Wednesday morning for jay-walking across Washington Rd., a major avenue bypassing ten academic buildings.

Law enforcement officials were stationed around Terrace club and issued warnings between 9 and 11 am, the busiest hours of student traffic to lectures. A precursor to summons, warnings can come with a standard $54 dollar fine. According to Sargent Frederick Williams, a spokesperson for the Princeton Police Department, no summons were issued.

Jay walking, which includes illegally crossing a red signal as well as walking between crosswalks and parked cars, is a major problem in town, William said.

"Washington Rd is an area that sees more than its fair share of pedestrian accidents, including fatalities," Williams said.

Last November, a woman was struck and killed by a cement truck at the intersection of Nassau Street and Washington Rd. This past weekend, three accidents occurred on Washington Rd. involving pedestrians and cars, according to Williams.

Williams stated that his agency has handed out thousands of warnings and informational literature to no avail. Williams' agency has observed that the area of the Terrace club is one where many pedestrians cross the street against red lights or fail to use crosswalks.

Additionally, some students and other university personnel had drawn their own “crosswalk” with sidewalk chalk across Washington Rd., several yards south of the actual authorized path, Williams said.

"Drawing their own crosswalks is a pretty dangerous endeavor," Williams said.

Williams stated that he believes the officer did the public in that area a good service.

"Receiving a summons is not a pleasant experience to be sure. However, they are not issued as a form of harassment, but as a deterrent to behaviors that can lead to injuries or death for some pedestrians," Williams said.

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