EXCLUSIVE: Eisgruber says Trump’s Executive Order is ‘inhumane and unwise’

‘I believe that there may be serious legal problems with the order’

Princeton President Eisgruber denounced Trump’s Executive Order as inhuman and unwise in an exclusive interview with The Tab today.

Campuses are in uproar after Trump announced a ban of citizens of seven countries from entering the US. Across the nation, university presidents are fighting to protect students affected by the ban. Yesterday, President Eisgruber addressed the Princeton community in a public statement expressing commitment to supporting immigrant students.

Here Eisgruber, a constitutional lawyer and scholar, further explains his position and thoughts regarding the Executive Orders.

Can you give an upward estimate of how many letters of concern you have received since Trump’s Executive Orders on Friday?

I don’t have a count of the letters and messages that my office received. For me, the urgency and conviction of the messages mattered, as did the very real burdens that the executive order has placed on members of our community. The distress that people communicated was both deeply felt and, in my view, well justified.

The AAU statement of concern said “the administration’s new order barring the entry or return of individuals from certain countries is already causing damage and should end as quickly as possible.” Would you and the Princeton administration agree with that assessment?

Yes, I agree fully with the AAU statement, including its request that the restrictions imposed by the order be removed as quickly as possible.

As a constitutional lawyer, do you personally believe that Trump’s Executive Orders are unconstitutional? 

I believe that there may be serious legal problems with the order, but my principal concern with it is that the order is inhumane and unwise.

Are there any actions that Princeton plans on taking to protect students affected?

I expect that we will be adding to the staff of the Davis International Center, and we will take other steps as needed to ensure that affected students have the support that they need.

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